the end

I think that this blog has served its purpose now.  I think it's time to stop.

Keep well xx


coming and going

One month and 2 days ago, I last wrote on this little blog.  In that time I've been to 4 countries on 2 continents, had a wonderful time, bought a new computer, spent all my money, had a holiday, caught up with my brother...and now I'm back and feel like none of it ever happened.

we did girl things

and boy things

and touristy things

and saw amazing sights - this is Loch Ness (it's monster free and beautiful)

Now I'm back. 

I always find that I have a different perspective when I come back from a long holiday.





London Riots

Please pray for our city.


quote of the year

"The plain fact is that great achievement, deep fulfillment, lasting relationships, or any other aspects of an unquenchably, relentlessly well lived life aren’t formulaically executable or neatly quantifiable. First and foremost, they’re searingly, and deeply personally, meaningful. The inconvenient truth is: you’ll probably have to not just blaze your own trail — you’ll also probably have to plot your own map for own journey."
(he does it again!)


I remind myself.

God is bigger because He is the biggest.

God is lovelier because He is love.

God is more powerful because all power belongs to Him.

God is stronger because He is almighty.

God is mine because He said He would be.

God is, because He is.


about heaven

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